Ay Portugal – Music from the Renaissance to the New World

La Compania

La Compañia formed in 1997 to perform music of the renaissance and early baroque.


Directed by Danny Lucin, the ensemble brings together Australia’s leading specialists on period instruments, creating a consort rich in possibilities. The ensemble was nominated in the The Age ‘Top Five 2010 Classical Concerts’ and in 2012 they made their European festival debut in a sold out concert at Tage Alter Musik Regensburg, Germany. La Compañia’s impressive array of period instruments – strings, wind and brass – allows for exciting sound combinations that bring alive the world of Early Music: in this case, 16th-century Portugal. With their masterful use of improvisation and ornamentation, they have established a reputation for presenting innovative programs and dynamic performances


  • 1. GASPAR FERNANDES Eso rigor e reprente
  • 2. MANUEL MACHADO Afuera, afuera que sale
  • 3. PEDRO DE CRISTO Ay mi Dios
  • 4. ANONYMOUS Non me pregunteis a mis males
  • 5. GASPAR FERNANDES Tleycantimo choquiliya
  • 6. ANONYMOUS Yan am quero ser pastora
  • 7. ANONYMOUS Vos señora, a maltratarme
  • 8. ANONYMOUS Não tragais borzeguis pretos
  • 9. FRANCISCO GUERRERO Los Reyes siguen la’strella
  • 10. ANONYMOUS Dipues vienes delhadea
  • 11. LUIS DE MILÁN Fantasia VIII
  • 12. MANUEL MACHADO Dos estrellas le siguen
  • 13. GASPAR FERNANDES Xicochi conetzintle
  • 14. FRANCISCO GUERRERO Qué buen año es el del çielo
  • 15. FRANCISCO GUERRERO Niño dios d’amor herido
  • 16. PEDRO DE ESCOBAR Pásame per Dios, barquero
  • 17. GASPAR FERNANDES Botay fora


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