Sorrow Stay

Justin Burwood Tenor and Rosemary Hodgson Lute

A sublime and intimate recording featuring the stunning voice of Canadian tenor, Justin Burwood.   ORDER NOW>>>   You can purchase this Disc either from me   Or the ABC



Rosemary and Justin met in 2001 at Portuguese baroque palace called Casa Mateus and they formed an instant musical connection centred around the music of John Dowland. Sorrow Stay brings together the most lachrymose of Dowland’s songs, not intended to make the listener sad, but rather to soothe, calm and ravish the listener unlike any other music known. This album was released on 3 August, 2012 on ABC Classics.




  • 1 Sorrow stay
  • 2 Lady if you so spite me
  • 3 Go crystal tears
  • 4 I saw my lady weep
  • 5 Shall I strive with words to move
  • 6 Sweet stay a while
  • 7 Flow my tears
  • 8 Semper Dowland semper dolens*
  • 9 Flow not so fast ye fountains
  • 10 Dear, if you change
  • 11 The Frog Galliard*
  • 12 Time stands still
  • 13 All ye whom love or fortune hath betrayed
  • 14 Come ye heavy states of night
  • 15 In darkness let me dwell
  • 16 Lachrimæ*
  • 17 Weep you no more sad fountains


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