Hodgson is a talented and musical performer and can hold her own with the best of them.

The Lute Society, UK

I hope she will soon have the inclination and the opportunity to record less well known areas of the repertoire.

Monica Hall, Lute News

Hodgson dazzled us with her virtuosity on the baroque guitar, vihuela and theorbo.

John Stafford, The Mercury

If I could pick a soundtrack for heaven, this would be it…

Mathew Simpson, Millfield Press Gang, London, UK

Miss Hodgson accompanied her sympathetically as well as showing gentle and subtle technique and quality. A blackbird in the courtyard added his atmospheric song during This Merry Pleasant Spring. There was melancholy, too, amongst the songs, but the duo, adopting the name Rosa Mundi, reflected the flowers’ symbol of breathing life and colour in the programme.

Mike Drake, Eastern Daily Press; King of Hearts, Norwich (Norfolk & Norwich Festival)

Hodgson played with that unnerving focus that seems to be integral to her performance style.

Clive O’Connell, The Age, Melbourne, Australia