Music for vihuela, lute, baroque guitar and theorbo

Rosemary’s stunning debut solo album released in 2004.




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Featuring the intimate sounds of the lute, vihuela, theorbo and baroque guitar, <em>rosa</em> contains music from the European courts of Charles V, Phillip II, Elizabeth I, James I, and Louis XIV.


  • 1 Fantasia del tercero tono [II] Luys de Narvaez
  • 2 Calata ala spagnola ditto terzetti Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  • 3 Fantasia del tercero y quarto tono [XII] Luis Milan
  • 4 The Right Honourable The Lady Clifton’s Spirit John Dowland
  • 5 Tarleton’s Riserrectione John Dowland
  • 6 Fantasia de consonancias y redobles del primero y segundo tono [XI] Luis Milan
  • 7 Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de luduvico Alonso Mudarra
  • 8 Fantasia (de una Hodierna Lux de Lupus) Miguel de Fuenllana
  • 9 Tant que Vivray y Glosas (Claudin de Sermisy) Miguel de Fuenllana
  • 10 Suite in D minor Robert De Visee
  • 11 Allemande
  • 12 Courante
  • 13 Gavotte
  • 14 Sarabande
  • 15 Bouree
  • 16 Gigue
  • 17 Kapsperger Girolamo Kapsperger
  • 18 Canario Girolamo Kapsperger
  • 19 Espanoletas Gaspar Sanz
  • 20 Canarios Gaspar Sanz
  • 21 Mr Dowland’s Midnight John Dowland
  • 22 Preludium John Dowland
  • 23 Rosa John Danyel


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Hodgson is a talented and musical performer and can hold her own with the best of them.
The Lute Society, UK


I hope she will soon have the inclination and the opportunity to record less well known areas of the repertoire.
Monica Hall, Lute News